Website what needs to be done?

1, website pages, best not to remove the original content, many of our website pages are made to beautify and add some content, but you can hide some of the original. Hide the content that does not contain the keyword stuffing, do not worry, hidden content is found to be cheating by search engines.
2, title changes, new heading which contains the original content, but you can add other keywords as the title content.
3, do a 301 turn, Web optimization, Web site without the www www sites than with higher weights, which can easily lead to weight dispersion, ranking and back and forward.
4, modification of the Web site, many sites, in the development process, without considering the SEO factors, use of dynamic Web sites. These have included Web site, not to modify its Web site, which is included the direct reasons for the decline. Search engine rankings involves many factors, one Web site static, will not have much impact on optimization.
5, do not delete the original content of the site, to ensure, revamped Web site accessible to all pages.
6, in the process of revision, don't forget the chain and the increase in content, write some original articles high and maintain Web site content updates, and links. Looking for some high quality, relevant links, 3 to 4 per day, write some soft, increase the chain to make spiders come crawling.
7, maintain a good attitude, meet the next round of updates of search engines, website, how many are worried, we maintain a good attitude, which still continues to do. Contemplation of withstood, sit and watch the tide rises the tide falls.