Baidu snapshot recent exceptions solution

&Nbsp;1, and Baidu snapshot back document problem
on Baidu snapshot back document author of website also experience had, appeared Baidu snapshot back document while then raised many website was drop right, specific performance for, included declined, keywords ranking declined, website was of fault time, happens to be met has, space server is not stable, can't grab data, times such, appeared has snapshot back document, if is a run years of old website, snapshot back document days on himself recovery has, effect is unlikely to, If it's a new site that is more sadness, also mapped out another question.
       2, and Baidu snapshot displayed errors, tips the page not exists
this Zhang figure believes everyone has not strange, such of website except space effect zhiwai, also has a important of factors is website content has may are is pseudo original of or are is collection content station, Baidu official claimed on collection of site, especially news station, title and content not phase whether of give severe combat, This is hard to do, write some content of value to the customer, it can be recognized by Baidu, Baidu is also very focused on the customer experience, only these sites that you will get better and better.
       3, and keywords ranking snapshot displayed next, click snapshot still tips page not exists
appeared such of results, has 2 a aspects of factors caused
1 often to Baidu complaints Baidu snapshot, although can see day snapshot, but that after all is artificial intervention of results, to restore nature, need from fundamental starting, complaints had of Webmaster will found, dang you complaints finished zhihou And after several days, stays in the day time of the snapshot, based on personal experiences, to solve the problem of snapshot of natural regeneration, in addition to daily to update the original article, to last for a week to do some quality chain 50, site snapshots give natural regeneration.
site update frequency of the 2 little, almost months updating an article, if it is a long time Web site content is included, otherwise is not included, as well as the results will appear.
        4, site domain syntax to query the snapshot file, website keywords shot shows the normal
's Web site also has the author's current problems, but the articles included every day, can be seen by looking at the Web log grab a large amount, it is slowly recovering, included will also increase, ranking will rise, Needs to do is stick to it, you can see the effort.