Website to focus on user experience

As a series of search engine updates occur, the word UEO gradually became popular in the Internet. UEO called user experience optimization, user experience optimization. Baidu k station or down the right reason to say how impressive, said original is not high, large, outside the chain is not related, and so on, in fact, it all boils down to just one word: user experience is not good enough. Therefore, concerning user experience optimization is optimizing development direction in the future. So, what is a good user experience? said simply, your site to meet the needs of users is a good user experience. Therefore, we should optimize the direction to meet user needs. Optimization of
around the user needs to do, we need to site content, site structure and design of the chain three aspects.
first of all site content to provide the users the information they need, content is King is always the truth, a Web site if no solid content and the information is always vulnerable, even attracting visitors is useless, because visitors will never come back again, maybe it will give you a good scolding. So what content visitors need it? first, site content information must be complete and must be started on the basis of this, people feel content enrichment. Second, Web site presentation to be neat and organized, and cannot appear unrelated to advertising, contact spam, also typeset with layering. In addition, mark is for visitors the biggest deception, is a visitor and disgust, so things must be in the body of the title promised true reflection.
Second, the site structure is a good guideline. Reasonable structure of the site is to let visitors into the site to know what to do, not like entering a maze just as confused. Many sites within the chain designed to search spiders crawling, but sometimes they backfire. Because the spider is trying to imitate a visitor's browsing behavior, visitors do not click on links are invalid links, even worse are over-optimized. Like a lot of people will be used in each article to add a link to a Web site Home links, this is an example of the excessive optimization, because the average person wouldn't have to click on this link. Since no one is going to click, then it is a link with no user needs. If no demand is superfluous, had better get rid of quickly, because it is more likely to attract search engine penalties. Webmasters should allow users to visit the site to design the purpose of internal links, extra leave.
third, the site outside the chain to attract users to click on. Optimization not only caters to the needs of users within the site, outside the chain also need to be designed around user needs. The chain of roots to promote, is to attract users to click on, and bring visitors to your site. So those who do not have a user clicks user even bothered to look at the rubbish outside the chain is poison, belongs entirely to excessive optimization. This is why forums signature weight will be less soft reason outside the chain. Forum signatures with a post does not have any relation to the content, visitors rarely pay attention to it, let alone click on it. So this is a link to user needs. Soft links are different, soft links are to appear in the most appropriate locations. Why design a soft link? because soft article needs to link appears to do very good matting, soft description is to incite the user when user demand reached a peak after, links the right to appear in the user where they are most needed, when users click on the possibilities are great. Is usually soft, just throw a introduction to real user needs is embedded in the link. So we have to remember that we do link the root in order to keep our customers, rather than allow search spiders to crawl.