Talking about how the sections and content pages fast lifting

In General, the highest weights of pages on our entire site is Home, after all we usually exchange links or hang when you write the soft article submission site is our Home address. In this way, due to site Home has a lot of incoming links, so our site Home weight became much higher than other pages. Section pages and article pages of weight how to improve it, but it is not so easy to obtain.
not so easy to get, just the way I am familiar with several methods together, talking.
first page we list (generally can be said to be column page) to check to see if there are redundant links. This extra link to link is optional, depending on what's on your website. Now Web site using the Web site structure is a tree structure (to search engine optimization), while Baidu's weight is down Web site Home to column page to articles page. Imagine your category page links in large quantities, weight dispersion will be very serious, so your article page that page gets the final weight becomes very low. Natural column page and articles page rank will not be good to go.
If the column page some links do not want to remove, then we can be controlled with the nofollow attribute of a hyperlink weight dispersion. I recommended here is, page and column a, column b has to page primary navigation exists, for the rest of have a direct interconnection of nature so don't do it. This is only done to retain Home to weight, and then passed to the article page. There is an increased weighting method, which is obtained by exchanging links, we exchanged is Home, but if your Home is stable for the time being, try to swap pages to your column about it, but you must have good results. The precedence of the
as to how to improve the article page, and upgrade program page weight is similar to the way also was passed in order to keep their Web site weights. When the article is updated, why websites Home add a link to the Home link, many of my friends said it was to improve Home specified keyword ranking, in fact I feel is more important, Baidu spiders crawl this article see this link, to guide him back to the site Home retrieved information in order to increase the effectiveness of collection.
for the article, not category pages so badly, after all members of the site, the article page is a website at the bottom of a page. Have to think at this time the spider to retrieve other pages, that we do more, the most common is to add some to the article specified keywords and then connect to the other section pages or article pages. But I feel this is all well and good, but cannot force added, or receive the effect is absolutely counterproductive. But no matter from which angle you to adjust the structure of the site, please pay attention to the quality of our articles, good quality natural to retain users, users like search engines also like it.
upgrade program page and page rank is also a very common method, it's own weight through our website pages to import. Their weight is not only refers to the page in our Home, as long as this page is search engines give high weight, even weight, but also must properly imported.