Website no longer ranking drop solution

First, the structure of the site and internal links
search engine for the site structure is already included with memory function, site structure changes affect to a great extent to the site's inclusion and ranking, so our Web site redesign process, the most important thing is to keep the existing website structure and internal linking. Once we change or remove some internal links, probably will have a great impact on the rankings. From the point of view of search engine optimization, Web site after revision, internal links are changed when using 301 permanent redirect is the most effective solution. A 301 redirect is an important tool for SEO, it can ensure that users or search engines through the revision before the link to link to an existing page, so as to ensure proper access to change pages, and search engines will also be reminded of existing new page rather than external links.
, site navigation website in the revision process, the site navigation will often play a large role, it can be a user or search engine to browse the entire content of the site. If the site navigation is not good, users will miss out on some Web sites or search engines page or cause confusion of the navigation structure of the site, it is also important for site ranking and included. In General, the site navigation simple and effective, simple means that users do not need to repeat clicks to reach any page of the Web site, effective means for users and search engines can easily identify your links system. Effective navigation, it is best to use text links, images, and Flash is not too good, because the search engine is not easy to identify. Three, keywords and articles
inclusion and ranking is mainly determined by the website articles and keywords, so that an existing good when ranking websites in the website it is better to keep the existing keywords and articles, only added to the general principle is not reduced. Delete any article or keywords, it may lose some of the effective collection and links.
website in addition to pay attention on existing articles, SEO process, in conjunction with search engine optimization techniques better search engine friendly copywriting to improve existing articles, such as using the correct HTML tag, the penetration and long tail keywords keywords arrangement.
four, Meta tags
website to ensure existing meta tags in the process of being good for transplant. Meta Tag is an important factor to ensure a page unique. If old pages by 301 to jump to a new page, best original meta tags and copy to a new page. Among them, the meta description and keywords are the most important.
can say for sure is that the massive revision of the site will have a bad effect on site over a given period. But if SEO thinking can be implemented in the website process, through to improve the deficiencies of the original site can reduce adverse reactions and even increase the number of search engines inclusion and ranking.
v, site map (Sitemap)
website, you can use the Google Xml site map to tell Google what your Web updates, so that you can "reminded" Google my site has changed, shortened the transition period.