Website must be used with optimized closely unite!

  Consultation more recently is our company's website should be optimized? A new station needs how to do internal optimization? We have to proceed from where? Yiqian of website optimization personnel in took over a new station began for optimization and promotion of when, on will proposed many related of problem, then one by one of to solution, and now with network of development, modern network technology environment on Guangzhou website construction technology proposed has more high of requirements, now is about put website based optimization using to website construction in the to, such website construction good Hou saves has again to separate for based optimization of trouble and cumbersome. For site based optimization techniques are today each website ought to understand and grasp the information content.
    1. Web site domain name and space of the far-reaching and
    websites with domain names is the equivalent of website building and network access, excellent Web site domain names, not only friendly, accessible, also recognized by the search engines like. Web space is equally important, because space is the website operation and the normal operation of the sole determining factor, including space security, stability, speed, size, and so on, are all factors that affect the site, so the choice should be carefully chosen. Web site optimization, a good domain name, and stability of space will add weight to the site many. In addition to the above information, a stable offers a online space is also very necessary, excellent domain name and stable space, these choices are stable in the future of your website rankings and the cornerstone of higher mass-flow.
   2. The layout of the site is the site weights and experience of key
    a website's typography and layout, appearance can be said to be the site of all, because your website visitors as long as open, revealed that these things and styles. Sites without selecting a good target keywords and blindly with related keywords on the line was a very wrong decision. Keyword optimization within the layout is an extremely important point, selecting keywords there are a number of ways, with Baidu in the field drop-down box can be Word or the word target keywords related search. Select which can bring traffic, good word optimization is a seoer essential skills. How to conduct reasonable layout is the most important. For a small station, and home page do three words are enough, too many words will only make website become top-heavy, and section pages and content pages can be optimized some of the words and long tail words, so that Web site form an inverted triangle is more suitable for main stand weight lifting. Keywords in the article within a reasonable amount of layout is a very important factor, the article page including the title, first, middle, and end keywords must be allowed the right to cover it.
    3. Page post go to website URL of static
    search engine site weights and friendliness when general release emotions this way, search engines like dynamic website, like a static page. General of website will has news column, and these articles will save in database in, front desk will according to articles ID different calls different of articles, such on will has dynamic URL of exists, actually these real of page in Server Shang is not exists of, all are is dynamic of is from database gets of, search engine on this links grab very difficult, and solution this a problem of method is for URL static of processing. Static pages are more stable, easier to include, and dynamic website will be considered a new dynamic updating of the site, this site will be considered having the latest value content on the Web, so it can get a higher weighting.
    4. Cleverly to build internal link structure of the Web makes internal information about the station Exchange
    site, in addition to the content, is the link. Chain is within the website site like veins and bones, the individual pages ring chain, to form a complete Web site as a whole. Website was launched in the beginning of new construction is not enough to enrich the contents of the Web site, but even so, in some handling link structure to achieve perfection, as anchor link in this link failed in the early cases regardless of the content. For example to do a breadcrumbs at the location map, good grasp of detail can only make the site perfect ... Late
    carried out a website wants to optimize promotion, so construction began from a Web site based optimization should be done in place. Only thus more conducive to Web site optimization and promotion, more promotional value. Website optimization can be the basis of promotion optimization work to lay a solid foundation for the future, you can have a multiplier effect.