400 enterprise phone
400 telephone call center Hotline call center as a national brand, brings greater value can help your company's profile and benefits of upgrading ... 1.400 call centers advantages:
    400 network call center is specifically designed to provide enterprises with a poly-Internet & software & communication wire in one call center services, it uses the world's most advanced call center core technologies, enterprises without any software, hardware, and you can immediately have a complete group of call center systems.
    400 call center is 800 toll free business upgrade version, called sharing pay also provides your company with a nationally unique numbers, for example: 400-666-8888
2. Main features:
   • telephone answering implementation package years, greatly reduce the costs of your company;
   • full function network, enterprise has branch offices in the province or the country, achieving around the city telephone exchange connectivity, access and management to achieve uniform;
   • intelligent recording and monitoring functions, voice control, and save, Controversies and disputes to provide voice and data protection at work.